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Business and Home Organization Solutions for the Treasure Coast

Business and Home Organization Solutions for the Treasure Coast

Business and Home Organization Solutions for the Treasure CoastBusiness and Home Organization Solutions for the Treasure CoastBusiness and Home Organization Solutions for the Treasure Coast

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do We Start?

We start all potential clients interactions with a phone or internet based intake method (Skype, WhatsApp, etc.)

If you, as a client, determine our organizational service can assist you with reaching your goals, we schedule a on-site visitation, lasting 45 minutes. This initial visit allows us and you to walk through the space together, discuss any challenges, and align on goals and expectations prior to any working relationship being established. 

What does an Organization Session Look Like?

Organizational sessions are typically booked in blocks of 3 hours, either afternoon or morning. 

A typical session will consist of a review of client goals for the day based on goals identified during the initial visit and the action plan created to address that specific project. The session then moves to hands on activity for about 2 hours, with the organizer side by side assisting the client in sorting, organization, and decluttering the space. After the sorting and decluttering process, the organizer and client clear out any trash, recycling, or donations to specific staging areas for removal.

I've Seen the Shows ...?

Reality TV is not exactly reality. Professional organizers in many shows are seen as somewhat empathetic drill sergeants. The code of ethics we adhere to, both as a company and as a professional member in good standing with NAPO does not support any professional organizer making independent decisions regarding item removal. All decisions on item removal, storage, or placement come from the client. 

What's so Great About A2Z?

A2Z takes both our service guarantee and our privacy policy very seriously. Professional and home organization assistance can be a very difficult thing for many clients to reach out for. We ensure that every client, regardless of circumstances, receives the same high level, judgement free, and confidential professional service.

Privacy Policy


  • We commit to delivering great customer experiences through integrity, competence, and objectivity. Clients will be treated with respect and courtesy. 
  •  We will only offer services in areas in which we are qualified. 
  • When unable or unqualified to meet service requests we will make every effort to recommend a qualified professional to assist client with request
  • We will advertise services and rates honestly and transparently 
  • We will communicate with our clients in advance our fees and expenses and will only charge fees and expenses which are reasonable, legitimate, and aligned with the experience, delivery of service, and the result as outlined by the client agreement.
  • We will make recommendations of client services and products with the client’s best interests in mind.
  • We will keep all client information, both business and personal, confidential. We will not use any information as a benefit to ourselves or our company or disclose the information to a 3rd party.
  • We will use proprietary client information only with client permission.